Reactions: Master Class Training in Spielberg

The Master Class pilots talk about their first day being back in the racetrack

Bonhomme tops the timing sheets on day one

The first day of flying back in Spielberg is over. The pilots love racing amongst the Austrian mountains, he's how they thought training went for them:

Paul Bonhomme
"The track is just as beautiful as last year. I'm pleased with my results today. In terms of me being on top of the timing sheets, people might say, "Here we go again." But remember what happened to Matt in Budapest, he topped every single timing sheet and the lost out on Race Day, so caution is advised."

Hannes Arch
"I'm very happy because I feel that I got rid of all the stresses of it being my home race today. With every run I got more and more into race mode. I was calm and focused. I'm not stressed, I can do my job and fly clean. We found the faster lines and I caught up with Paul's time, which is where we want to be. So we're ready for racing."

Matt Hall
"I'm happy with my flying, but I'm disappointed by how far ahead Hannes and Paul are. I think I can claw some of it back. We've not done any analysis yet, so there's quite a bit to do. We'll see what lines we've got and see what the data says."

Pete McLeod
"The raceplane felt good today. We're analysing all the data and going to see how I can refine my lines. I just have to point the raceplane in the right direction, these guys tell me where. I just need to make sure I fly cleaner than I did in Ascot."

Kirby Chambliss
"I feel good, the track is the same as last year and I'm pretty relaxed. I'd still like to find some speed in my raceplane. The entrance to the track is difficult, you come over the trees and your speed indicator jumps. You just have to go for it and hope you don't bust the entry speed limit."

Peter Besenyei
"I picked up a penalty in the first session because of insufficient smoke, but we fixed that. I was quicker in the second session and feel I have got my lines worked out. I'm feeling more and more comfortable in my raceplane with every flight."

Michael Goulian
"It's such a great track, the change in elevation is so much fun. My first run was fast and I was pleased with that. We then experimented with the lines a little bit and I was slower, but we have a solid plan for tomorrow and Race Day, which I'm excited about."

Yoshihide Muroya
"It's been good so far, we changed the cowling around the exhaust and it seems to be keeping the engine cooler, which is giving us more power. Our settings are good and I'm pleased with the data our new computer system is collecting. It's fun, we have a lot of data to analyse."

Nigel Lamb
"They were fantastic flying conditions today. I flew a good line, but I was nowhere near aggressive enough and I can't see where I'm going to find those two seconds. It was an off day for me, but I'll be strong tomorrow."

Nicolas Ivanoff
"My first lap in the first session wasn't very good. I didn't have enough speed. The second lap was better. In the second session I felt very comfortable in the raceplane but my times were way down. I need to find three seconds from somewhere. I'm sure my technician will find the solution."

Matthias Dolderer
"There are lots of obstructions in the racetrack, so you have to be very precise. You have to make sure you have the right line into the Start Gate. You're brain is processing everything so quickly before the race has even begun, you have to be ready five seconds ahead of the gate. If you get it wrong your race could be lost before the clock has even started."

Martin Sonka
"Some things were good today, some things were not so good. I didn't have one clean flight. I don't like my aileron settings right now, but I won't be able to change them without more testing. So I won't be able to do anything before Fort Worth."

Juan Velarde
"The track is very difficult. It's very technical with a lot of elevation. Even the entrance is really hard because you can't take a straight line towards it, you have to go over the trees. For me, it's the most difficult track of the year so far."

François Le Vot
"I had no surprises as I flew here last year. In my first run I wanted to rediscover the track. I stalled in Gate 4, which I didn't like. It made me fly more conservatively in my next runs. I can still tighten up my lines a little bit, and I want to take risks but it's not worth pushing harder. There's still a problem with my aircraft's airspeed and until that's fixed I won't get quicker."