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Nigel Lamb, 2016

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Red Bull Air Race pilot: 2005-2016
One of the Red Bull Air Race greats, 2014 World Champion Nigel Lamb set a standard for the sport over nine seasons with integrity, mastery and his trademark consistency. The British pilot not only earned 14 podiums in some 64 races – including a banner win in the sweltering heat of Putrajaya, Malaysia – but he was a true pioneer in the sport, from perfecting the MXS-R for racing to being an early adopter of winglets as well as the first Master Class pilot to take an up-and-comer under his wing in the Master Mentoring Program. Born in 1956, Lamb launched his aviation career as a pilot in the Air Force of his native Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) before moving to the UK, where he won the British National Unlimited Aerobatic Championship a record eight times and launched an international career in display flying. One of his continuing specialties is piloting historical aircraft in displays and for major motion pictures.