Watch the Ascot 2015 race with a full recap

World Championship standings shaken up with dramatic Ascot result

Pete McLeod was the only pilot to splice a pylon at Ascot

Returning to the UK's elite horseracing venue at Ascot, the first of the land-based races for 2015 delivered plenty of surprises for the British fans. With packed grandstands full of cheering supporters, the Round of 14 kicked off under the blue skies of Berkshire. Drama struck in the Round of 8 for Austrian pilot Hannes Arch and we were left with a sensational Final 4 to give Yoshi Muroya his first podium of 2015. But it was local hero Paul Bonhomme who gave the fans a repeat performance of 2014 to take the win! Watch it all again and relive the highs and lows...