Bergér on winning in Indy

The pilot talks about the win that put him back on top

Florian Bergér seems an unstoppable force in the Challenger Class. The German pilot has won the Challenger Cup twice and currently sits top of the leader board with just the final race of the season to go. But even though he's in the best position to win, he's remaining humble about his chances of making it three titles in a row.

Bergér was meant to race in Wiener Neustadt, but due to family issues he was unable to race in the double-header meaning he had not competed in the Air Race for four months but when he arrived in Indianapolis for round seven he looked like he'd never been away. He was first or second on every time sheet, but only took the win away from Kevin Coleman by 0.059s. So how did he do it after so much time out?

"I did a lot of mental preparation at home before arriving in Indy," said Bergér. "During the race week I tried not to calculate my flights too much before the race. I tried to do the same everyday, just making small changes step by step."

Before the race Bergér was sitting fifth in the standings and had a lot of work to do after watching the other pilots catch him, but he's back on top and not doing the maths to see who can catch him. "In Wiener Neustadt the other Challengers did a great job, they earned a lot of points and I was fifth before the Indy race and that was tough for me but it worked out," he explained. "I'm not calculating any points at the moment."

Kevin Coleman has been battling with Bergér for three seasons now and after coming a close second in Indy said: "If I'm going to get second I want it to be to Flo, he's the best in the Challenger Class and probably the best there ever will be, so if I have to finish second to him, I'll take it."

With one race to go, Bergér knows that he has the chance to take the title for a third time, but he's keeping his feet firmly on the ground. "I have a lot of work away from the Air Race, so I won't have much time, but I will do a lot of mental preparation and spend time with my family. And of course I will do my best to win!"

The Challenger Cup final will take place in Fort Worth at the Texas Motor Speedway, on the 17-18 November. Tickets are still available, get yours HERE.