Winglets: A Mod Of Beauty

Every pilot has their own winglet preference

Current Standings



 Japan JPN
Points 28 00
UAE 28


 Czechia CZE
Points 22 00
UAE 22


 United States USA
Points 21 00
UAE 21


 France FRA
Points 18 00
UAE 18

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The role of the tactician

Behind the scenes: flying consistently

Race Rewind: Abu Dhabi 2018

The best thing about the start of any season is nobody knows what's going to happen at the opening race, so when the teams arrived in Abu Dhabi at the end of Janu...
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Bonhomme blasts rivals out of the water in Qualifying

Brit Paul Bonhomme stole the show with a spectacular 57.178 Qualifying performance along the Abu Dhabi Corniche, while it was a disappointing blow for defending World ...
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McLeod: “There is a Lot of Potential This Season.”

With just one race completed, Pete McLeod has a plan and is focused
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Marc Márquez Talks Air Race With Velarde

MotoGP Champion and Juan Velarde on their sports’ similarities
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Bergér: “I Want That Third Title”

Brageot To Take Next Step

Mental Training And Mods Work For Bolton

Pilots Looking For An Edge Attend Training Camp

Spanish Training Camp help pilots hone their flying skills
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No Easy Wins In The Air Race

Pace and Performance: The Dammam Demo

Thousands Flock To Dammam Demo

Team Chambliss On The 2019 Season

How the team are focusing on success this year
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Murphy Doesn’t Feel The Pressure

The newest Master Class pilot remains calm in his second season
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From cyclones to sharks: setting up a racetrack

Behind the scenes - the TV Director

An efficient engine equals race wins

Customised For A Championship

How the raceplanes are modified for the Air Race
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Innovation Drives The Air Race

The latest hot modification? Water cooling

Tech Talk: Engine Cooling

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What It Takes to Fly
the Red Bull Air Race

Uncover the skills needed to compete in the red bull air race

Fitness and resilience: The pilots experience
up to 10x more G-force than a F1 driver
Plane gforce
Roll rate
Power and precision: raceplanes roll at 420
degrees a second! The pilots need to be level
through the pylons in 0.02s
Plane roll rate
Ground speed
Focus and intuition: Flying 15m above ground
at 370km/h requires lightning reflexes and
reactions within 0.001s
Plane ground speed