Chiba 2019 Reactions: Challenger Class Qualifying

The pilots discuss their thoughts

The conditions worsened as the day went on, making it challenging for the pilots. Here is how they thought they performed…

Florian Bergér
“I was last to fly, and when I heard the times of pilots before me, some of them had penalties. So I was a little bit worried about catching a penalty myself. Before I went to the plane, my plan had been to go all-in, because Kevin [Coleman, USA] had done a very nice time. But then shortly before I entered the track, I calmed down a bit and in the end I did not take such a risky line with the Vertical Turning Manoeuvre. It worked out, and I’m very happy. The aim for sure is to take my first race win in Chiba.”

Kenny Chiang
“I got two penalties so I’m not satisfied, but tomorrow is another day. Overall the net time is quite good, but I need to iron out mistakes and I should be up there with Flo.”

Kevin Coleman
“Qualifying was good. When I was diving into the track, the winds were shifting because of the weather on the way. The track also slowed down so that hurt me a bit in the VTMs, but overall I was pretty happy with my flying. It’s been one hell of a ride so far.”

Luke Czepiela 
“I’m not satisfied at all. The entire week has been bad; I don’t know what is happening. I was happy with my flight, but when I heard the time, it was ridiculous. The aircraft seems slow. My lines were good. It’s great to be in Chiba with the great fans."

Baptiste Vignes
“It was different to this morning’s session because we had some rain in the track and the wind changed, so I went for a conservative flight as I didn’t want to take any risk. I didn’t want to get any penalties. Overall I’m quite happy, but I think I could do better."

Vito Wyprächtiger
“You cannot be satisfied with a pylon hit. This is very disappointing as I was very fast in Free Practice. The conditions were more demanding, but this is a bitter result. Without the mistake I would have landed on the podium today. This shows me that I can keep up with the top three and an increase is important. The result, however, disappointed. I can see an increase in my total, that's very important. This performance is therefore not satisfactory.”

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