Goulian Wants The Top Spot In Russia

After a second and third in previous Kazan races, Michael Goulian is aiming for the win

Since Abu Dhabi last year Michael Goulian has been in the form of his racing career. And it’s clear to see that the green shoots of that form started to show in Kazan 2017. 

The first visit to Russia for the Air Race saw Goulian claim his first podium since 2009. He finished third behind Pete McLeod and Kirby Chambliss, which made it a full North American podium. 

2018 saw Goulian have a season that he will never forget, which included two race wins and finishing third overall. He also claimed a second place finish in Kazan. And for this year, he wants to go one better. “Our whole idea is to get the first place, we have a second and a third, so we want the first to go with the others at the office back home, that’s the hope for sure,” joked Goulian.

Goulian and his team may be focusing on the top step of the podium, but he’s not had the perfect preparation for the Russian race. “We were one of the few teams that didn’t have any time with our raceplane since Abu Dhabi,” he explained. “It’s been in a box since February and we came here less in shape – from an air racing pilot point of view – than we ever have before. But I got up to speed quickly in the training flights and at the end of the first day it felt like my aeroplane. I was settled. We also had a technical problem with the plane, which put us on the back foot to begin with, but right now I feel as well prepared for this race as I have done for any other,” added Goulian. 

With Free Practice taking place today, Team 99 knows where they can make a difference and add another piece of hardware to their trophy cabinet. “If I do the VTM as well as I can, and as well as the aeroplane can, then it could be a big help to save some time at the end of the race,” concluded Goulian. 


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