Hall Is The 2019 World Champion

In the most dramatic fashion Matt Hall takes the Red Bull Air Race title

In one of the most intense races in the sport’s history Matt Hall claims the 2019 Red Bull Air Race World Championship title as Yoshihide Muroya wins the last race. 

In front of tens of thousands of devoted fans, Matt Hall, who knocked out Mika Brageot in their Round of 8 heat, could only mange third in the race, but it was enough for him to take the title by one point from Yoshihide Muroya. 

Although slightly overshadowed by Hall’s title success, Muroya won the race with a perfect run in the Final 4. He was second to fly in the track, after Pete McLeod. McLeod had a disastrous run in the Final 4, clipping the pylon at Gate 3 and then flying through Gate 8 at an incorrect level adding a total of five seconds to his time, which was 1:04.028.

Muroya, who beat Le Vot in the earlier round, was second into the track and even with the added pressure of flying in front of his home fans for the title he was calm, smooth and clinical in his flying. He crossed the Hamilton Finish Gate in 58.636s. 

Kirby Chambliss, who had knocked out Nicolas Ivanoff in the Round of 8, was third in the track and also performed well, setting a time of 59.601s, which was enough for him to finish the race in second. 

That left only Hall to fly in the track. The Aussie pilot knew that third place or above would be enough for him to be crowned the 2019 World Champion. But never one to take it easy, he flew hard. His times were red all the way and he was never going to take the win. He flew slightly conservatively but cleanly, knowing that he only had to beat McLeod’s time to claim the title and that's exactly what happened. 

With this result, Muroya joins Paul Bonhomme on being the only pilot to win three races in their own countries and Hall joins a very short list of people that can call themselves the Red Bull Air Race World Champion!

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