Kazan 2019 Reactions: Master Class Qualifying

It has truly been a Qualifying of highs and lows

Qualifying today saw Mika Brageot take the top spot for the first time in his Master Class career, while Dolderer’s pylon hit means he won’t compete tomorrow. 

Yoshihide Muroya
“I think I did a good run, but the winds have shifted so it’s a little bit difficult, but I think I did a good job. I don’t expect anything tomorrow, I will just do my job and try to get to the Final 4.”

Martin Sonka
“Last year I have beautiful memories form here, but my first run in Qualifying today, I’m not sure how to say in nice words, but it was not good. So I had to reset everything in my head for the second run. I love this track, there isn’t one second where you can rest, you have to work 120 per cent all the time and there are many places where you can lose a lot of time. You can make very small changes and have two seconds' difference in your runs.”

Michael Goulian
“It’s the same with me every year here in Kazan, we’ve had trouble trying to find the right line, so I went out in Q2 to try and do what we planned and it went well. Whether we can make it faster tomorrow, I don’t know, anything can happen. We won in Indianapolis from seventh on the grid, so we can certainly win from sixth.”

Nicolas Ivanoff
“I think I’m in the bottom half of the rankings, so it’s not really a good result. We had a plan to work on a certain part of the track and remove the bad things from my flying, but now we have to be faster. But I feel much better in the plane and I feel I can do what I want, but I have to check the times to see where I was losing out. I have a lot of work to do, but not a lot of time.”

Matt Hall
“I was happy with how I flew. I did exactly what I meant to, but we are third from last, so I have no idea why we’re down there. Every heat is tough so we’ll just go out and fly our plane.”

Juan Velarde
“It hasn't been a good Qualifying. I made a small mistake and was high in Gate 2, so that run was ruined and in the second run I was too aggressive in the last VTM and Over-G’d. So the net times weren’t that bad, but the position in Qualifying, was bad.”

Mika Brageot
“After flying the track and all the suspense watching everyone fly after me, now it’s back to the flying. I will keep applying the tactics we put together for this race. We knew what we had to do, and we planned to go full force. It’s quite a good feeling to win Qualifying for the first time ever and take three World Championship points. We will keep our focus, but of course this is a boost for the team and for our race tomorrow.”

Kirby Chambliss
“I was hoping to be a bit faster, but the race is tomorrow, right? So we’ve got to figure some things out. It seems that no matter what I do in the raceplane, we’re still slow. I don’t want to blame the aeroplane… but I might blame the aeroplane.”

Pete McLeod
“I went out there and flew clean and the second run I put down a time that was pretty close to the times I’ve been getting in the Free Practice. It seems that the track was giving some good speed to some of the other guys, so I’m not sure where the gap is and I felt good. We’ll take a look and see where I can conserve some energy for the second lap.”

Petr Kopfstein
“We’re happy. We planned to fly this track with this line and everything went according to plan – and no penalties, so perfect. We have to watch the other guys, but I think the line we picked is pretty good.”

Mathias Dolderer
“This is racing, sometimes a Formula One car goes into the barrier and sometimes we go into a pylon. It was the hardest pylon hit I’ve had and it's a pity that it’s happened here at the end of the Red Bull Air Race. But let’s see what we uncover.”

François Le Vot
“I was very relaxed. We are a reduced team here, and I guess we worked hard and well yesterday evening and improved our practice results significantly. It’s good, it's good! I think the key was what I was telling myself in the cockpit and knowing where to go. It’s no secret: when you know where to go, it’s easy, and when it’s easy, a good surprise can arise.”

Ben Murphy 
“It was a nice controlled first run, which is what we wanted. It was nice and clam and then I just Over-G’d on the very last turn. The run was pretty much over by that point, so it was a real shame. And on the second run, I just decided to push and on exactly the same gate I just rolled too much. I think it’s a harsh call, but that’s the way it goes.”

Cristian Bolton
“We were targeting below 1:03, and it was a good time. We need to check our data and see where we can improve, because there is always room to improve and that’s how we’re going to set up to race tomorrow.”

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