Lake Balaton 2019 Reactions: Challenger Cup Race 2

The Challengers discuss race 2 in Lake Balaton

It was another exceptional race in the Challenger Class. Here's what race winner Daniel Ryfa and his five rivals thought of the day...

1st Daniel Ryfa
“A fantastic day in Balaton, I'm very happy with all my flying here. I had been fighting in my previous flying with Over-G penalties, so I was trying very hard not to Over-G. And I didn’t do it in the gate where I planned not to do it, but I did it in the other end of the track! But hey, I won, so it’s all good. Besides this was my last race, though I would prefer to continue. It’s the coolest motorsport ever on the planet. There will be nothing like it, and I will miss it for sure, but I’m very happy. I’m overwhelmed.”

2nd Dario Costa
“It’s good. I was hoping for a second win, of course, but the fight is hard. Everyone is very fast and Daniel is an exceptional pilot, a very experienced race pilot. So I could not wish for better than this result. I think I have to be happy. And it’s my last race, so going home with two trophies, my son will be super happy.” 

3rd Baptiste Vignes
“Overall I didn’t have so much experience in the track here compared to those who flew in the race yesterday afternoon in the same conditions. But wind conditions change and we all need to handle it. I wanted to try some different lines than the others, and I took two seconds of penalties because I went a bit too oblique to the right. But I am very happy about the podium and looking forward to racing in Chiba.” 

4th Patrick Strasser
“It was very different in the track compared to yesterday. It wasn’t hard to fly and it was very nice. I was only 0.4s off of Baptiste’s time and it was a great flight. For this I am very happy. It was my last race, and it was a good race, I’m improving, so it’s not easy to think about that especially as I flew past the Finish Gate for the last time." 

5th Melanie Astles
“This weekend was a great opportunity to learn how to manage frustration. I didn’t get training until last night. There were three different problems. One personal one, the weather and a problem with the plane and I didn’t get to fly. And my result today wasn’t what I was expecting. Maybe it’s not my day or my race, or my season.”

6th Vito Wyprächtiger
“It was a cool race, but I would say I had a few too many penalties. It was a good experience and I think I could take a lot of experience and knowledge to Chiba, but leave the penalties here. The wind made it pretty bumpy and made it challenging, but it was a lot of fun.”

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