Lake Balaton 2019: Round Of 8 Preview

Six pilots have left, eight remain

It’s tense at the top and here are the pilots looking to get there. It’s the Round of 8…

Heat 8
Michael Goulian vs Pete McLeod 

McLeod set the faster time of these two in the Round of 14, but there was very little in it. Meaning that both pilots will believe they have the ability to go through to the Final 4. With Goulian flying first it could put the pressure on to McLeod, but it won’t concern the Canadian, he’ll fly like he always does and go all out. 

Heat 9
Ben Murphy vs Juan Velarde

Velarde has the advantage here, he’s been flying fast and error-free all week. He’ll be full of confidence going into this heat and believe he has everything he needs to make it though to the Final 4. Murphy is getting better and better with every run in the track and he is more than capable of pushing harder, but with that comes the bigger risk of a mistake. This one will go to the wire. 

Heat 10 
Cristian Bolton vs Matt Hall 

Bolton made it through as the Fastest Loser, but felt he could have been quicker in his run. Hall showed he has nerves of steel knocking out the Championship leader by changing his tactic and racing line halfway through his run. And without Muroya in the hunt, Hall will be tasting the Champagne already.

Heat 11
Kirby Chambliss vs Martin Sonka

Chambliss looked relaxed in the track, but it was slow. However the conditions have completely changed since his Round of 14 flight, so he might go harder, knowing that he’s going up against the fastest pilot so far today and the track record holder. Sonka will continue to do what he does best and just worry about himself and how he flies. He’ll also be thinking about all those points on offer that Muroya can’t take away from him. 

The Round of 8 begins at 15:00 local time (13:00 UTC) Watch every second here. 

Lake Balaton 2019 Master Class Round of 8 Startlist
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