Lightening the load of the raceplane

The teams in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship work exceptionally hard to save as much weight as possible in their raceplanes. It's difficult work and it takes time, but it's worth it.

The raceplane and pilot need to be a minimum combined weight of 696kg. To get their aircraft down to this desired weight, they will use a variety of methods. These can include swapping out heavy materials for lighter ones, using smaller screws, and even drilling holes in certain components where possible.

Adding winglets and altering the air intakes will also make a difference. Paul Bonhomme is a great believer that his modified inlets have improved his engine cooling, which means he has more power at his disposal. While Matt Hall's winglets are showing great promise so far this season.

Here's what's the teams are doing to save weight and improve their raceplane...

Weight saving mods

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