Race Directors on Race Day

A change in weather has bought much anticipation to the Chiba track in time for Race Ray and it will certainly test the character of the pilots.

"The wind is different from yesterday," said Steve Jones. "No matter what way the wind blows it will slow pilots down. The guys that flew later yesterday had to contend with stronger winds, so it will be interesting to see how they perform today in these conditions," he explained.

The weather will play its part as always, but there will be some amazing racing today. "We've got fantastic parings in the Round of 14," said Jones. "We've got the battle of the French with Le Vot against Ivanoff. We have MXS-R versus MXS-R with Nigel Lamb and Matt Hall. That could also be the battle of the winglets. And lets not forget we've have protagonists Paul Bonhomme and Hannes Arch going up against each other," he added.

"Despite the conditions yesterday we had eight pilots within one second of each other," said Jim DiMatteo. "So we're anticipating a really close race," he added.

When asked for his Prediction Steve Jones said: "The pilot that adapts to the conditions the quickest will come out on top today!"

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