Sonka scrapes through to Final 4

A breathtaking round sees four more pilots finish their day early

It was a spectacular sight in the Round of 8. Here's how it went down blow by blow...

Heat 8
Ivanoff v Chambliss

Ivanoff flew beautifully in his run, but it was slow and his time of 55.375s was one that Chambliss had easily beaten in earlier sessions. Chambliss was 0.384s ahead at the first split, but picked up a penalty for climbing in the gate at Gate 3 and added two seconds to his time. He was able to claw back a second in time but it wasn't enough to beat Ivanoff's time.

Heat 9
Velarde v Muroya

Juan Velarde was looking smooth and fast in his run, but at that tricky Gate 7 he turned too early and was given a two second penalty for incorrect level, making his time 55.221s. He would need Muroya to make a mistake if he was to go through. The Japanese pilot looked close to an over-G at the first VTM, but just sneaked under. His run time was 1.317s quicker than Velarde's so even if he had picked up the one second penalty, he would have progressed to the Final 4.

Heat 10
Brageot v Goulian

Mika Brageot had a disappointing run. He had two penalties each adding one second to his time. The first was an over-G at the first VTM and the second was for insufficient smoke. His final time was 56.263s, which put Goulian in a good position to go through. Goulian was focused but not pushing knowing that if he flew cleanly he would make it through to the Final 4, and that is exactly what happened. 

Heat 11
Hall v Sonka

Matt Hall had to fly first in his his run and he was looking good until the second VTM when he had a slight wingstall, which slowed him down. He posted a run time of 54.760s, still a competitive time, but one Sonka could beat. Sonka flew into the track and at the first VTM hit 11G and collected a one second penalty. He was trying hard to correct his time and then stalled in the second VTM. All his split times were in the red, but he was so quick that he clawed back the time to take the heat and progress!

Abu Dhabi 2019 Master Class Round of 8 results
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