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Flying on the Edge

How the series' most successful raceplane continues to undergo development
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Winglet refresh

When the Red Bull Air Race returned in 2014 there was only one pilot that had winglets on his raceplane: Nigel Lamb. He'd added them 2010, but very few people too...
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Customised For A Championship

How the raceplanes are modified for the Air Race
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A vision of the future…

So far this season three of the race teams have drastically changed their cockpit displays by including the revolutionary Garmin G3X 'glass cockpit'.
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Accurate track planning with laser measurements

The Red Bull Air Race is at the forefront of technology and constantly looking at ways to further advance the ultimate motorsport series in the sky. A team of RIEGL la...
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Spotted: Ivanoff’s low profile canopy

Nicolas Ivanoff's Edge 540 was spotted in Spielberg with a brand new low profile canopy and turtle deck. The new canopy fits so close to the pilot's head tha...
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Formula One vs Red Bull Air Race

Spielberg, nestled in the green heart of Austria, a peaceful place – apart from one corner, the Red Bull Ring, where the scream of different race engines can be heard....
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Spielberg's hidden pylon challenge

Spielberg is preparing for the arrival of the ultimate motorsport in the sky next week, when the Red Bull Air Race World Championship rolls into town. Fans will be abl...
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Getting race ready – a gruelling task

The Red Bull Air Race is a true test of both pilot and machine. For the pilots, race weekend is all about focus, precision, strategy and peak performance. For the team...
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Data is king in the Red Bull Air Race

Competition is fierce in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship and the pilots will take any advantage they can to be on top of the podium come the end of Race Day. ...
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Fitness in the cockpit

To be the best at anything you need to train, you need to know where weaknesses can occur and where you need to be tough and fit. In order to be competitive, the pilot...
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What exactly is a winglet?

2015 saw race teams try out many different winglets to gain that split-second advantage over their rivals. At the start of this season we saw even more pilots with the...
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Dynamic duo step up for 2016

Two of the most experienced team technicians in the Red Bull Air Race have moved over to the Aviation Team of the World Championship for the 2016 season.
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Unlocking maximum power

When it comes to the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, every advantage counts. And with the standardised engines (meaning the teams can't modify them), the pi...
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Second-by-second engine data

Every pilot in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship hungers for even the slightest of advantages over their rivals. They want the most from their team, maximum per...
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