The Things You Didn't Always See

There was always plenty of action in the sky, but very rarely did you see what went on down on the ground. Here are some of the best behind the scenes images captured by our photographers...

Breathtaking Images From The Famous Recon Flights

Over the course of Red Bull Air Race history the pilots and photographers have come together to create some jaw-dropping imagery feature iconic landmarks and close-knit formation flying. Here are some of the best photos from those shoots.

Air Race Uncovered - G-Force & Fitness

G-Force is well known as the ubiquitous enemy of the pilots in the racetrack. Paul Bonhomme explores from both a pilot and medical point of view why the pilots stay fit, and how they keep the symptoms of immense G-Force on the body at bay. 

The Making Of The Ghost Plane

More than a graphic, the Red Bull Air Race “Ghost Plane” gives fans a gripping view of the action that is absolutely unique to the sport. Producing this exceptional apparition takes both technology and teamwork.

Behind The Scenes: SWET

Imagine being upside down, under water and strapped into a cockpit. That is what Red Bull Air Race pilots experience in their mandatory Shallow Water Egress Training. SWET takes these aviators literally out of their element, but safety means preparing for even the most improbable situations. Here are the insights from the participants...

Behind The Scenes: The Racing Line

One of the greatest secrets kept by the teams of the Red Bull Air Race is how the pilots fly the perfect line. Here Paul Bonhomme talks to Neil Furness from The Blades Racing Team about how they remain competitive...

Behind the scenes with the photographers, Part 2: the special shots

Some of the most iconic aerial photographs ever taken of Red Bull Air Race pilots have been "extracurricular" shots, taken away from the race venues. And for these shoots, the rivals from the racetrack need to work in perfect harmony – with each other and with the photographer. "These shoots are different, because everyone is more relaxed. The pilots aren't thinking about racing," Mitter says.

The role of the tactician

"This job isn't only about data analysis to find the best line through a racetrack," says Anselmo Gamez, a flight instructor, commercial pilot and championship-winning aerobatic competitor who is tactician for Team Velarde"I work on recommending new techniques for flying and training, and am involved in developing the plane and its modifications.

Behind the scenes: flying consistently

It's all well and good flying that one perfect run in the Red Bull Air Race, but it will only get you so far in the competition. Three-time World Champion Paul Bonhomme explains why the key to success is practice and consistency.