The Red Bull Air Race Says Thank You

After 14 seasons, the Red Bull Air Race has seen its last take-off, and now, it’s time to say thank you. Turning an improbable idea into an official World Championship could have happened only with the enthusiasm, innovation and dedication of a passionate community. Our appreciation goes out to the extraordinary pilots and race teams as well as our experts behind the scenes, who have all dedicated their energy and talents to achieving the best possible outcomes. Each of them played an essential role in realising the shared dream of a high speed, low altitude sport in three dimensions.

The Red Bull Air Race Hall Of Fame

In the 16 years since the Red Bull Air Race began in 2003, there have been 94 races* across 36 locations in 21 countries. Here is the ultimate race winners list. In order of success…

Talking Stats: The Red Bull Air Race In Numbers

After 94 races since 2003 there have been some unique stats and some facinating facts. Here are 10 of the best...

1. The youngest and quickest pilots ever to win the Red Bull Air Race World Championship: Martin Šonka of the Czech Republic was the youngest pilot, aged only 40 when he hoisted the trophy in 2018. Hannes Arch was the fastest to claim the honor, taking the title in only his second season, 2008.

Classic Challenger Class Stories

When the Red Bull Air Race returned to our skies on 2014 it brought with it a new and exciting feeder series – the Challenger Cup. This opened up the racing to younger pilots who had already proved themselves in the world of aerobatics and other competitions, and were deemed good enough to fly in the Air Race. It gave them the opportunity to acquire the skills needed to become competitive. 

Hannes Arch Lived Life To The Fullest

Hannes Arch was a peaceful man until he climbed into his raceplane, then he was 100 per cent concentration and competitiveness. His friends and rivals remember the great man...

The rivalries of the Air Race

In the Red Bull Air Race’s illustrious history, we’ve seen 10 different pilots claim the title, 14 pilots win races and 23 pilots step on the podium over the 94 races. 

In that time there have been battles between pilots that have been epic, and some of which endured for seasons. Here are some of the best ones….

Paul Bonhomme: The Best Of The Best

Paul Bonhomme led and the other pilots followed. He was an innovator and set the standard inn the Red Bull Air Race that all the other pilots had to copy if they wanted to compete. Here the pilots pay homage to the man that won three World Championships and 19 races...

Memorable Podium Moments

Over the last six seasons of the Red Bull Air Race we've had many unforgettable podium moments. Here are some of the best...

Pilots Share Their Plans For The Future

While the Red Bull Air Race will not continue beyond 2019, the World Championship pilots are not leaving the sky. As the season finale concluded in Chiba, Japan, they opened up about what’s ahead.

The Moments We’ll All Remember

Over the last six seasons there have been six different World Champions, making for one of the most exciting sporting series ever. Here, we look back at those adrenaline-pumping World Championship moments...