Abu Dhabi 2019: Challenger Cup reactions

As with any sport there are those who are happy with their performance, and those who are not. Here's what the pilots thought of the 2019 Challenger Class season opener...

8 - 9 Feb

Goulian and Sonka dictate the pace in Round of 14

Martin Sonka set the fastest time of the Round of 14 and Michael Goulian wasn't far behind in a tense session, which saw Nicolas Ivanoff go through as the Fastest Loser. Here's how the Round of 14 panned out...

Abu Dhabi 2019: Round of 14 preview

It feels like a lifetime ago since the 2018 season final in Fort Worth took place. But the first Race Day of 2019 is finally here. The times are close and it’s a clean sheet for all 14 Master Class pilots. Here’s how they will line up for the first Round of 14…

8 - 9 Feb

Mason's ten-year dream is coming true

The Challenger Class of the Red Bull Air Race has been a feeder series for the Master Class since its introduction in 2014. There have been seven pilots make the move up in the five seasons, and this leaves room in the Challenger camp for more pilots to begin their Red Bull Air Race career.

One pilot competing in his first race today is 25-year-old southern Californian Sammy Mason. No matter his final performance today, he will make history by being the youngest pilot ever to compete in an Air Race – no pressure then...

8 - 9 Feb

Abu Dhabi 2019: Master Class Qualifying reactions

The first Qualifying session of 2019 was a nail-biter, made more exciting by the fact that the top three all collected World Championship points. Here's what they thought of today's flying...

8 - 9 Feb

Abu Dhabi 2019: Challenger Class Qualifying Reactions

It was the last session for the Challengers before their first race of the season. Here’s how they feel going into the season opener.

Luke Czepiela
“It was OK today, I didn’t fly at full force. I’m pleased I’m not flying first tomorrow which is always a relief. The second lap was fast with just a tiny over-G, so if I avoid that it’ll be good and I like my chances."

8 - 9 Feb

The difficulty of defending the title

In the history of the Red Bull Air Race only one pilot has successfully defended the World Championship title and that was 19-time race winner Paul Bonhomme when he took the top spot in 2009 and then again in 2010.

Bonhomme mentions that his mindset has always been that once the clock ticks over to the new year, it’s time to reset and start again. You can’t focus on the past; you have to forget what happened and look ahead.

8 - 9 Feb

Abu Dhabi 2019: Master Class FP1 and 2 reactions

With the first Race Day of 2019 just round the corner, the pilots of the Master Class are relishing every moment they can spend in the Abu Dhabi track. Here’s their thoughts after Free Practice…

New year, new paint

For 2019 some of the pilots have a sleek new look for the upcoming season. Pete McLeod, Cristian Bolton and Mika Brageot all have completely new looks and Juan Velarde has tweaked his Edge for the year ahead...

8 - 9 Feb