Kopfstein Is Back On Track

At the end of the 2018 season Team Spielberg had made it clear that it needed a new engine for its Edge 540 V3. The engine was fitted in the offseason before being shipped to Abu Dhabi for the season opener. 

All was going to schedule for Petr Kopfstein and Team Spielberg, but a landmark visit to the UAE by Pope Francis meant a change-up in the flying schedule, and Kopfstein was unable to run his engine properly. This hindered Kopfstein over the race weekend, as the Czech pilot had to hold back from pushing as hard in the racetrack as he would have liked. 

How to become an Air Race pilot

Since the Red Bull Air Race first took off in 2003, only about 50 pilots have earned the right to race through the Air Gates in the Master Class and Challenger Class. What does it take to break into these elite ranks?

Goulian: "Good wins championships"

2018 was a season to remember for Michael Goulian and his team. With two race wins and a third place finish overall, it'll be difficult to refocus. But the team's goal is to keep their edge for 2019...

Highs and lows of Abu Dhabi

The anticipated season opener is always filled with both jubilation and commiseration for the pilots. So after some reflection, here's an overview of the pilots that made their mark in Race 1, as well as the pilots who will simply be looking forward to a clean slate in Race 2.

8 - 9 Feb

Pilots’ first memories of the Red Bull Air Race

As any Red Bull Air Race fan knows, first impressions of the high-speed, high-G action last a lifetime. That is true for the race pilots as well. After an exciting first race of the 2019 season in Abu Dhabi, several World Championship contenders reveal personal memories of their initial encounters with the sport.

Teamwork and 0.003s end slump for Muroya

It was as if 2018 never happened: At the Red Bull Air Race opener in Abu Dhabi last weekend, Yoshihide Muroya won his first race since closing out the 2017 season with a World Championship-clinching victory at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. What put him back on top? And with his arch-rival Martin Sonka only 0.003s behind – the closest finish in the history of the Red Bull Air Race – can Japan’s hero hold the lead through the seven remaining races?

8 - 9 Feb

Bergér’s long-term goals

At last weekend’s season opener in Abu Dhabi Florian Bergér blew away his rivals by topping every single timesheet. But despite his dominating performances, he had close competition from the other Challengers.

On Race Day he knocked Melanie Astles into second place by 0.346s, but if she hadn’t picked up a penalty for an over-G, it would have been Astles standing on top of the podium.

8 - 9 Feb

Abu Dhabi 2019: Challenger Cup reactions

As with any sport there are those who are happy with their performance, and those who are not. Here's what the pilots thought of the 2019 Challenger Class season opener...

8 - 9 Feb

Goulian and Sonka dictate the pace in Round of 14

Martin Sonka set the fastest time of the Round of 14 and Michael Goulian wasn't far behind in a tense session, which saw Nicolas Ivanoff go through as the Fastest Loser. Here's how the Round of 14 panned out...

Abu Dhabi 2019: Round of 14 preview

It feels like a lifetime ago since the 2018 season final in Fort Worth took place. But the first Race Day of 2019 is finally here. The times are close and it’s a clean sheet for all 14 Master Class pilots. Here’s how they will line up for the first Round of 14…

8 - 9 Feb