Around The World In Races

Over 14 seasons and 94 races, the Red Bull Air Race has visited 35 cities in 21 countries, here is a complete rundown...

A Recap Of Race History

When the Red Bull sports think-tank developed the Red Bull Air Race early in the new millennium, the objective was to create the most advanced aerial challenge the world had ever seen. The result? A new standard for motorsport.

From An Idea To A World Championship

Back in 2002 Peter Besneyei sketched out his idea for the Red Bull Air Race on a piece of paper. From there it turned into a global phenomenon that raced 21 different countries in front of thousands of fans at each location. Here is the history of the Red Bull Air Race. 

The Great Red Bull Air Race

There's never been a motorsport like it. For 14 seasons the Red Bull Air Race wowed fans around the globe. The pilots reminisce their fondest memories. 

The Misery Of The Pylon Hit

It's what made the Red Bull Air Race unique. Flying through pylons, close to the ground. Occasionally a pylon got clipped. Here are some of the best images of pylon hits over the years...

While Red Bull Air Race teams have always dreaded the time penalty that comes with pylon hits, the images that result when a 25-metre mountain of fabric bursts are spectacular. Here are some of the biggest pylon hits of recent seasons.

The Amazing Air Race Fans

There is no denying that the Red Bull Air Race has the world's best fans! This gallery is dedicated to you all.

For the past 14 seasons, fans from around the world have supported their favourite pilot in the most unique and hardcore way. They came to races, dressed up and made the series what it is. Over the last few years we hosted hundreds of thousands of fans, who have witnessed the high speed, low altitude flying action. Here are some of the most memorable fans…

Memorable Podium Moments

Over the last six seasons of the Red Bull Air Race we've had many unforgettable podium moments. Here are some of the best...

The Passion For Flying

The pilots of the Red Bull Air Race have one obsession, to be in the sky above the earth. Here they talk about what flying means to them...

The Best Of The Red Bull Air Race

In the last six seasons we've seen six different pilots become World Champion and there has been some epic battles, here are the best bits...

10 Best Moments From 2014-2019

The World Championship campaigns produced moments of emotion that went beyond sporting achievement. Here are the most memorable from the past six seasons. 

10) Flying under the Chain Bridge in Budapest: Hungary is the spiritual home of the Red Bull Air Race, and the swoop of raceplanes under Budapest’s Chain Bridge became an iconic symbol of the sport. Fans and pilots couldn’t get enough, and the first flight under the bridge was a rite of passage for every new Master Class contender.