Mental Training And Mods Work For Bolton

Cristian Bolton is now in his third Master Class season, and despite his unquestionable flying skill, the Chilean's raceplane had always struggled to keep on the pace. But towards the latter half of last season, Bolton and his team had time to work on the raceplane, with some positive results soon following.

Legends On The History Of The Air Race

On 28 June 2003 the first-ever Red Bull Air Race took place in Austria. It was far from the high-tech motorsport that it is now, but even then, the pilots knew they were on to something. Here, some of the pilots that made history and took part in that very first race reminisce...

No Easy Wins In The Air Race

1.568s. It might seem like an innocuous number, but it marks the difference between first and last place in Qualifying at the season opener in Abu Dhabi – a far cry from the early days of the sport when whole seconds could separate first and second place on the race podium.

Pace and Performance: The Dammam Demo

The three-day demo in Dammam, Saudi Arabia was a huge success, as thousands witnessed Baptiste Vignes and Daniel Ryfa go head to head in a full throttle, G-charged demo of skill, precision and performance. Here are the highlights…

Thousands Flock To Dammam Demo

The Red Bull Air Race Demo in Dammam on 21-23 March was one of the highlights of the Sharqiah Season in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, giving the largest sovereign state in the Middle East its first view of the motorsport. With clear skies for flying plus ground-based activities like tours of a real racetrack pylon, the weekend was popular with families.

Demo in Dammam brings Air Racing to Saudi Arabia

Spectators in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province are getting a long-awaited first taste of the Red Bull Air Race this weekend, with a special demo of the aerial sport as part of the opening weekend of Sharqiah Season. Over 20,000 spectators are expected as the demos continue at Dammam’s Al-Plaza Beach through Saturday, providing an exciting preview of what’s to come when Saudi Arabia hosts the season finale of the World Championship this November.

Bonhomme’s final say: Part II

With 19 race wins and three World Championships to his name, Paul Bonhomme knows what the pilots will be going through and how they can improve. In part I he reviewed positions 14-8. Here, he turns his attention to the top half of the standings...

8 - 9 Feb

Bonhomme has final word on Abu Dhabi

The 2019 opener in Abu Dhabi was packed with intrigue and excitement. The most noticeable aspect this year was the wind. As I have written before, and as every windsurfer in those parts will tell you, the wind will generally turn to a sea breeze at around lunchtime (the wind coming from the ocean).

Steve Jones on Challenger training camps

The Red Bull Air Race first devised the Challenger Cup in 2014 as a feeder series for the Master Class, but before pilots can join the ranks of the series they need to make sure they’re up to the task. This is where training camps come into play.

Former race pilot and current Challenger Cup Race Director Steve Jones oversees the Challenger Cup, and along with former race pilots Klaus Schrodt and Sergey Rakhmanin, ensures that the new pilots to the Red Bull Air Race are ready to compete safely.

Hungarian stop of Red Bull Air Race 2019 moves to Lake Balaton

In an exciting mix of the classic and the new, this season the Red Bull Air Race will stop in Hungary for a record 13th time – but at a fresh location that has never before hosted the aerial motorsport. The resort city of Zamárdi, on the shores of spectacular Lake Balaton, will host the world’s best Air Racing teams this summer.