Bonhomme’s final say: Part II

With 19 race wins and three World Championships to his name, Paul Bonhomme knows what the pilots will be going through and how they can improve. In part I he reviewed positions 14-8. Here, he turns his attention to the top half of the standings...

8 - 9 Feb

Bonhomme has final word on Abu Dhabi

The 2019 opener in Abu Dhabi was packed with intrigue and excitement. The most noticeable aspect this year was the wind. As I have written before, and as every windsurfer in those parts will tell you, the wind will generally turn to a sea breeze at around lunchtime (the wind coming from the ocean).

Steve Jones on Challenger training camps

The Red Bull Air Race first devised the Challenger Cup in 2014 as a feeder series for the Master Class, but before pilots can join the ranks of the series they need to make sure they’re up to the task. This is where training camps come into play.

Former race pilot and current Challenger Cup Race Director Steve Jones oversees the Challenger Cup, and along with former race pilots Klaus Schrodt and Sergey Rakhmanin, ensures that the new pilots to the Red Bull Air Race are ready to compete safely.

Hungarian stop of Red Bull Air Race 2019 moves to Lake Balaton

In an exciting mix of the classic and the new, this season the Red Bull Air Race will stop in Hungary for a record 13th time – but at a fresh location that has never before hosted the aerial motorsport. The resort city of Zamárdi, on the shores of spectacular Lake Balaton, will host the world’s best Air Racing teams this summer.

Bergér is the man to beat in 2019

It was business as usual for Challenger Cup pilot Florian Bergér in Abu Dhabi as he took his seventh career win in fine style...

8 - 9 Feb

What a start to the season

As always, the season opener in Abu Dhabi was a hive of entertainment and heart-pounding action. Here is a snippet of the best bits...

8 - 9 Feb

Thriller in UAE didn't disappoint

50,000 fans flocked to the Corniche in Abu Dhabi this weekend to witness one of the closest finishes in the history of the Red Bull Air Race. 2017 and 2018 World Champions fought it out in the Final 4 and could only be split by 0.003s!

8 - 9 Feb

Abu Dhabi 2019 – Qualifying

In a sensational day of Qualifying, Yoshihide Muroya staked a claim as a 2019 World Championship title contender. Watch back the entire session here...

8 - 9 Feb

Outbound from Abu Dhabi

The UAE capital always provides a memorable setting for the season opener and 2019 was no different. Here's a few of the best moments...

8 - 9 Feb

Muroya takes season opener by just 0.003s

The 2017 World Champion Yoshihide Muroya was back to his blistering best in Abu Dhabi today when he took the win in the Final 4 by a margin of just 0.003s – one of the closest in the sport’s history.

Muroya was due to fly the second run in the Final 4 but Nicolas Ivanoff, who was meant to fly first, had to retire from the Final 4 due to being unable to start his engine. The distraught Frenchman had to settle for fourth due to not being able to fly.

8 - 9 Feb