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Grab a coffee, expand this gallery to fullscreen and dive into some of the best images from the last six seasons of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship!

Challenger Class 2019 Season Review

There was buzz about the feeder class of the Red Bull Air Race even before the season began, with the announcement of three new pilots: Sammy Mason of the USA, Patrick Strasser of Austria and Vito Wyprächtiger of Switzerland. Each of the total 12 pilots flew three races in the 2019 campaign, which in a format change did not award a season Challenger Cup but focused on the competition for the podium at every stop.

10 biggest stories of 2019

The culminating season of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship served up surprises, setbacks and sweet success in a battle that went down to the final run of the final race.

Hall’s Long Journey To World Champion

In the last run of the final race of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, Australia’s Matt Hall – who had stood on the overall podium four times previously – finally clinched the top step.

The pressure could hardly have been higher. A three-time runner-up in the World Championship with one third-place finish, Hall came into the 2019 season finale in Chiba, Japan in second; and the series was being discontinued, so there would be no future opportunities. If that were not enough, a typhoon was threatening to cancel the race and leave him, once again, a bridesmaid.

7 - 8 Sep

Hall's Dream Comes True

For five seasons Matt Hall has either been second or third in the standings – always destined to be the bridesmaid, until Chiba 2019 where he lived out his dream of being crowned Red Bull Air Race World Champion...

7 - 8 Sep

Muroya Delivers For The Home Crowd

Considered the most enthusiastic fans of the sport, the Japanese crowd witnessed a truly great season finale where the home hero took the spoils...

7 - 8 Sep

The Perfect Ending

It was a perfect way to sign off the Red Bull Air Race. Yoshihide Muroya wins his home race for the third time and after five years of being on the overall podium, Matt Hall becomes the World Champion! Here are some of the best photos from today's action.

7 - 8 Sep

Chiba 2019 Reactions: Master Class Race Day

What a race, what a season, what a motorsport. Once again the Red Bull Air Race World Championship has delivered. It’s been a fantastic race in Chiba. Here are the pilots' final words on the day…

7 - 8 Sep