The Red Bull Air Race Says Thank You

The pilots and members of the Race Committee offer their thanks


Behind The Scenes: The Racing Line

Behind the scenes with the photographers, Part 2: the special shots

The role of the tactician

Behind the scenes: flying consistently

Historic first flight over Kazan

Behind the scenes: judging the pilots

Paul Bonhomme: The Best Of The Best

Memorable Podium Moments

Pilots Share Their Plans For The Future

The Moments We’ll All Remember

The Class Of ’09 Graduate With Distinction

Bonhomme Reviews the Final Race

Memorable Podium Moments

The Passion For Flying

The Best Of The Red Bull Air Race

10 Best Moments From 2014-2019

The Best Images 2014-2019

Challenger Class 2019 Season Review

An efficient engine equals race wins

The secrets of the heli camera

Data is king in the Red Bull Air Race

Team Chambliss welcomes Aerodynamicist

Goulian: We’re thinking of winglets

Worth the Weight

Matt Hall’s Engine Woes

Winglets: A Mod Of Beauty

Customised For A Championship

A Complete Guide To The Raceplanes

Innovation Drives The Air Race

The latest hot modification? Water cooling

What It Takes to Fly
the Red Bull Air Race

Uncover the skills needed to compete in the red bull air race

Fitness and resilience: The pilots experience
up to 10x more G-force than a F1 driver
Plane gforce
Roll rate
Power and precision: raceplanes roll at 420
degrees a second! The pilots need to be level
through the pylons in 0.02s
Plane roll rate
Ground speed
Focus and intuition: Flying 15m above ground
at 370km/h requires lightning reflexes and
reactions within 0.001s
Plane ground speed