Chasing the Master Class dream

Becoming a Red Bull Air Race World Championship pilot takes motivation, skill and a lot of hard work. Francis Barros is in his debut season as a Challenger Cup pilot, but his ultimate dream is to move into the Master Class and become World Champion.

Barros has a history of aerobatic flying, which includes being the Brazilian national champion, but when it comes to racing between the pylons it takes a different skill set. Since his first race in Abu Dhabi, Barros has made steady improvement and starting to collect championship points. "I'm not looking towards the top results, I'm just looking to learn how to fly a good race," said Barros.

"The Challenger Cup is a training programme to develop and learn how to race. My main task right now is to learn from my mistakes and fix them. I also want to learn how to save seconds and get the right angle. I'm not expecting much, but I'm also expecting everything because it's in my training. I want to win!" Barros concluded.

Francis Barros talks about his goals for the Red Bull Air Race

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