New Mod Spotted In Muroya Hangar

Team Falken has taken the initiative once again and added new fairings

With every team looking for that little advantage, that chance to shave the smallest margin of time off their run, they will go to great lengths to make their plane as smooth and aerodynamic as possible. 

And after Muroya’s disappointing Qualifying result yesterday he and the team will be hoping this new mod will make all the difference. 

Benjamin Freelove, Team Falken’s tactician and technician has been working on a new set of fairings that cover some components of the rudder. “They cover the rudder cable, the control horn – where the cable attaches – and they also cover the stop. All these parts are quite square and blunt,” explained Freelove, but he’s modest about his work “Back there [at the base of the tail], it’s not too bad because the air is pretty slow and thick by the time it gets to the back of the plane, but it’s something.”

So, why do this modification if the rewards aren’t huge. “We’re kind of running out of low hanging fruit so we’re starting to go for all the more unusual things,” said Freelove. “It’s probably impossible to measure, but theoretically it will maybe take off a thousandth of a second or something like that. However, this year, when looking at Abu Dhabi, it could be the difference,” he added. “We had the idea for a while, it was just always low down on the list. We try to prioritise what the gains will be compared to the time spent creating them and these were low gain. But we finally got to the point where they had moved up the list.” 

As the team are currently just testing them, they’ve not been completely moulded to the raceplane. “They’re currently screwed on with speed tape over the top to smooth it out, but if they work we will bond them on properly,” concluded Freelove.

Yoshihide Muroya tested the mods yesterday and it looks like they're staying on the raceplane for today's race. The Round of 14 begins at 13:00 local time (11:00 UC) and you can watch it here on the website. 


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