Bergér bows out as most successful Challenger

Florian Bergér talks about his final race win

With nine race wins and two Challenger Cup titles there is no doubt that Florian Bergér is the most successful pilot ever to have flown in the feeder series. 

At the final race in Chiba he won easily. The race was cancelled due to adverse weather, leading the Race Committee to take the results from Qualifying, which saw Bergér at the top. The result was far from a circumstantial fluke – the German had earned his win, topping every timesheet over the race week. 

After learning that the race had been cancelled, Bergér was still pleased to claim his ninth winner’s trophy. “I’m happy I won here. Unfortunately the race was Qualifying, and it wasn’t possible to race due to weather. But it is very special to win the last race of my career probably,” he said.

And it's fair to say that Bergér should be satisfied. In this truncated season, each Challenger only flew in three races each, and Bergér took the win at every race he competed in. “I think I can be very proud of the season as well. I won all three races I participated in, so it’s good for me,” he explained. “I’m very happy to have been here in Japan and to see the other pilots and fly with them, so winning on top of it is really cool.”
Bergér joined the Red Bull Air Race in 2015, and immediately began making waves in the sport. He states that he is grateful that he had the chance to compete. “It’s a very special thing to have raced in the Red Bull Air Race and get the opportunity to compete. I think I was in the right place at the right time, and it happened for me.” 

But the two-time Challenger champion is even more honoured that he had the opportunity to fly in the final Challenger Class race. “It’s also a very special feeling that I competed in the last race. The fans are so great and amazing, they recognise you on the street without any Red Bull Air Race logos on. I never experienced anything like that. And when you’re sitting in the plane, looking on the beach and seeing all the fans, it’s a very special feeling.” Bergér concluded. 


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