Bergér Blasts Rivals Away In FP3

The German pilot dominates the final session before Qualifying

Florian Bergér is on his way to being the most successful Challenger pilot in the history of the sport. He set the fastest time in FP3 and if he wins in tomorrow’s race, that will take him to nine wins and two titles – an unmatched success. 

Bergér was last to fly in this morning’s FP3 and knew he had to beat Kevin Coleman’s time of 1:00.419s, which he did by an impressive 0.644s. 

Coleman, on the other hand, was first into the track this morning and was the wind tester for the rest of the pack. The American’s time was unbeaten until Bergér flew.

After Coleman there was quite a gap in time with none of the other four pilots coming close. Baptiste Vignes was the closest to the top two, but was 2.084s off the pace. It was enough to see him third on the timesheet. 

Vito Wyprächtiger was fourth with a time of 1:02.007s, and just behind him was Kenny Chiang. 

Luke Czepiela was bottom of the timesheet and has a lot of work to do before this afternoon’s Qualifying.

The Challenger Class Qualifying session takes place at 13:50 this afternoon. Don’t miss a moment of the action, follow it all here. 

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